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My Story


I’m Cristina, Owner & CEO of Schutz Creative

My BIG WHY —Me! Yep, I finally figured it out after many years, and it is ME. Every day I show up for myself, and I will be honest some days it is the best version, and other days it is full of dry shampoo and naps! That’s just how it works. Being an entrepreneur is the greatest thing I have ever done. Finding myself in my early 30s miserable, working for a company that was never going to hear me or see me, in a toxic relationship, living paycheck to paycheck, and just existing.


I didn’t want to just exist. I wanted to live. I know… cliché AF, but it’s my truth. I grew up in an environment where I didn’t know things like home ownership, financial security, unconditional love, and success (I mean hard-core success) were even an option. Then one day; it hit me. GIRL- you can change this!! So, I did. It was not easy! It is far from perfect and sure in the heck isn’t over yet.


I took the first leap into real estate, something I always dreamed of doing. From there I learned that my true love is for entrepreneurship- I love starting and building businesses. The thrill is in me and that drives me every day. Real Estate turned into an independent brokerage; where I learned social media ins and outs, mentoring to those around me, a shit ton of self-development, reading, and learning. Bringing back my passion to be creative led to finally opening my own flower studio that quickly blew up—all this, showed me what I truly love in life.  Being a business owner!


The past year I realized there was still something missing— my love to mentor others! Specifically, helping women level up! Showing ALL women, that they have options. That being financially independent, successful (by their own definition), to dream and build all they can imagine. So, here I am, providing that to other women, from looking to see if that side hustle is worth a full leap, building their authentic presence, and growing their business and themselves!

It's time for you to focus on yourself, your business and your future
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